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The Habitat for Humanity

     In April 2014 we took a group to help with the construction of a house on the Westside of Buffalo. Despite the rain and cold temperatures we still worked.  We did everything from installing new windows and insulation to cleaning up the front and back yards.  Even though it was hard work, we had a great time.  Working with Habitat for Humanity is a great way to give back to your community.  The program takes old houses and restores them for families to move into.  Imagine that old abandoned house on your block being fully restored for a new family to move into.  Our organizer Rick explained to us exactly how the process works.  Once a person goes through all the necessary screening and are selected to receive a house, they most complete nearly 200 hours of work in the house before the keys are turned over to them.  To find out how you can work with Habitat for Humanity visit 

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