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5 Tips For All College Students

It's official!! School is back in session and for a lot of students, this is the year you return to campus. COVID-19 put a huge damper on a lot of things, school being one of them. For a lot of students, this is their first time being back on campus in over a year and for the freshmen, this will be their first experience on a college campus. College can be fun, it is very rewarding but it will also test your strength, determination and your patience.

College is a lot of work and for most, the work does not come easy. For a lot of students, learning to juggle the many things going on during the semester is a hard task to do. You have hectic class schedules and school work, campus activities, some have jobs and internships, sports, parties, volunteer work, family time and at some point you have to focus on your own self care and rest. That seems like a lot to balance when you have so much that you want to do and accomplish. Well, it is possible and with a little guidance and a good schedule you can do it all.

We've got 5 tips for all college students that will help you conquer the year.

1. Make wise financial choices!

So, if you're a full time college student that means you are taking 12 or more credit hours per semester and that could mean your in class for what seems like all day every day. On top of the class scheulde and the work that goes along with it, do you really have time to do anything else, like work? If this is your first year, most will suggest that you don't work so you can get adjusted to school life but if you are working try to keeo a light schedule. Whether you're working or not, you need to have some money right? So, try to save as much as possible! Cut corners where you can like renting your books! There are websites like Amazon and that allow you to rent your text books for a fraction of the cost.If you have to buy the book, opt for a used book or get the brand new one and sell it back at the end of the semester. Take advantage of all the free services that are available on campus as well.

2. Go to class!

Now this may seem super obvious and it is but there's a little more to it. Going to every class can be beneficial for you in more than one way. Be sure you get to know your professor. Introduce yourself before or after class, visit them during their office hours and make yourself memorable. Engage while your in class. Answer questions, participate in discussions, offer your opinions. Not only will this show your professor that you're paying attention but it helps you understand the material better. When your professors can tell that you are putting in the work and making an effort, they will be more willing to help you out in case you find behind, your grades decline or you just have some issues that prevent you from doing your best work.

3. Get involved on campus!

Going to college is more than just going to class every day. Yes, that's how you get your degree, but you are robbing yourself of the full collge experience if you just go to class and go home or to your dorm. There are so many different organizations and clubs that you can become apart of. Some are just for fun and there are some that are great for getting you exposure and experience in your area of study. It's also a great way to meet new friends and network. Communications majors can join the school newspaper or radio and broadcast teams. If you are into politcal science, get involved with the student body orgs. If you're into being social go to the sporting events ans show your school spirit, or you can join the comittees that are in charge of putting together campus events. A major part of the college experience happens outside of the classroom. Get involved.

4. Do the reading!

Okay, so when you were in highschool, the teacher would assign you reading to do for homework and most times you may not have done it because you realized when you got to school the next day, the teacher re-read the asssignment or went over the readings during class. That does not happen in college. If there is an assigned reading, it is your responsibility to do the reading because you may get to class the next time and there's a quiz or a test. In some cases the professor might just move on to the next subject because it's expected that you did the reading like they said. Doing your assigned reading before class will help you stay on top of the material and will help you do well in the class. It may be a lot but it's worth it.

5. Make time for fun!

College can be stressful and a lot students drop out and never finish because they felt burnt out. Getting that degree is going to be hard work, but you can do it. Enjoy yourself while your in school. It's ok to take breaks from studying and working so you can relax and enjoy life. Have fun while you're on semester break. Do something you like on the weekends. Don't make it all about school that way you dont burn yourself out. Pace yourself!

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