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Zoom Like Zawadi

Being an athlete requires serious dedication to your sport and making sure that you find the perfect balance between practice and your everyday life. This stellar athlete is quite impressive as she is very dominant & dedicated to the sports that she loves! She’s completed on the local, state and national level and continues to strive for excellence!

Zawadi runs track and cross country & also participated on a swim team when she was younger. Zawadi’s favorite part about being an athlete is competing and traveling to different places to compete. A typical practice for her is a light 800 meter run followed by some leg stretches and several 400 meter sprints to try and decrease her race times. During the 2015 summer season, her fastest 400 meter dash was timed at 1:11:77, decreasing her time from the start of the season by 10:22 seconds. Zawadi ranks this as one of her favorite moments as an athlete as well as beating her school’s cross country record for 2 miles. She ran a 13:33:36! YES! She ran TWO miles in only 13 minutes and 33 seconds! In a narrative paragraph written by Zawadi she stated,“Of the many opportunities I have had, I am learning to compete academically and athletically.I am a Lutheran Schools All American cross country national champion. To put it simply, I am an all around winner. God has blessed me.”

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