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Venzella Joy


Joy The Drummer

    When you work hard to perfect your craft and show true dedication to the dream, the rewards can be bigger than you could have ever imagined.  That’s exactly what Venzella Joy Williams did to become one of the fiercest and sought after drummers in the industry.  Even though the road was long and things didn't always go as planned, she still landed on top of the world along side of one of the biggest names in the world.

    Venzella Joy Williams, also known as Joy The Drummer, was born in Lockport NY and attended school in Buffalo, NY.  She started her drumming career at age 10 playing for her elementary school band and a few months later began playing for her church. She recalls the Christmas of 1998 as “the most lit Christmas of all time” because this is when she received her very first drum set to start practicing at home.  From there, she played drums in high school and also in the jazz ensemble at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and a minor in Music.


    In 2009, Joy decided to travel to Detroit, Michigan to audition for the MTV show “Making His Band” where rapper P Diddy was in search of the hottest musicians to put together for his live band.  She did not pass all the audition rounds and was sent home, but she didn't let that stop her.  She decided to audition again the very next week in New York City where she won the judges over and was selected to move into the mansion and compete for a spot in Diddy’s band.  Although she did not make the final cut, Joy says she grew a lot from the experience and made some lasting connections that would eventually help land her the job of a lifetime. 


    Since 2014, Joy The Drummer has been touring the world with none other than Beyonce Knowles Carter as part of her all girl band, including being a part of one Beyonce’s incredible yet controversial halftime performance show at the Super Bowl 50 with Bruno Mars and ColdPlay.  When she is not on tour with Mrs. Carter, Joy has also worked with artists like Patti LaBelle, Amber Riley, Jason Derulo, Janelle Monae and even played in the house band for BET’s Black Girls Rock.

    When she is not behind the drum set, Joy enjoys singing, teaching and acting.  She travels the country hosting drumming workshops and performing with some of her musical friends.  She recently released her new EP Stealth that features 3 songs that she cowrote and coproduced and she will be hitting the big screen in December as Charity in Pitch Perfect 3.  When asked if there was anything she hadn’t done yet that would be on her bucket list, her response was: 1. Work with Kayne West 2. Perform a halftime show for the Buffalo Bills and 3. Host  a drum workshop in Buffalo.

Make sure you check out Joy’s latest EP Stealth, now available at and on all digital music platforms and be sure to check her out in Pitch Perfect 3 in theaters everywhere December 22. 

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