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8 Ways to Enjoy Quarantine

It's been almost 2 months since the mandatory "Stay In Place" order has been in affect in majority of the states across the country. Schools, malls, parks, movie theaters and almost everything else that brings us joy and excitement has been forced to close to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Very few states have actually opened up for people to begin going back to life as before, but for the most part we are still stuck in the house wondering when this will end.

By now, boredom has probably set in. There's only so much binge watching and cleaning that you can do. Eating and sleeping in are also starting to get extremely boring too. The weather is just started to warm up so maybe it's time we spend a few moments getting active outside. If you don't know what to do to make the best of this "quarantine" here are 8 things that you can consider doing to keep your brain sharp and your energy high.


1. Read a good book

Yes reading can be a tad bit boring and too much like school, but if you find a good book series or a genre that you really enjoy, getting lost in a book will pass away hours. If you want to learn a new skill like sewing or photoshop you can also find books that can help you profect the craft.

2. Start A Podcast

Do you have a lot to say but nobody to listen to you? Is there something that you are super passionate about and want people to hear your opinion? Starting a podcast is a fun and creative way to share your thoughts with a very wide variety of people. It's super easy to get started. Check out all the free resources online. While your're at it check out the brand new episodes of the Young & Ambitious Podcast.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

Just like starting a podcast, creating videos on Youtube is a good way to use your creative energy. Review your favorite music or movies, do funny skits, do a "try on haul" of your favorite brands or outfits, or try interviewing your friends about a topic and create a show.You don't need fancy equipment. Just a well lit room, your phone and a basic editing software like iMovie.

4. Perform on Live

Are you a music artist or visual artist? One of the quickest ways to grow your following and get immediate feedback on your work is to turn to social media.Perform your songs or create your artwork on live while your followers watch along. Ask them for constructive criticism to help you get better.

5. Find a DIY Project

Right now we have a lot of extra free time. Spend some time getting crafty and hands-on. Reorganize your closet, paint your room or your furniture or build something. If you need some crafy inspiration check out YouTube, Pinterest or even TikTok. A lot of people are showing us how they use their hands to make some pretty amazing stuff.

6. Practice

Athletes, muscians and public speakers etc.Everybody needs a little practice to perfect their craft. Dedicate a few hours a day to your sport or craft. Switch up your routine and do something to make yourself better.

7. Get Active

Your health should always be a top priority. Yes the gyms are closed, but you can still work up a sweat at home. Take a run through your neighborhood, turn on your favorite music and dance through the house or you could find a yoga workout on Youtube. Spend 1 hour a day getting active. A lot of trainers are posting at home workouts via Facebook and Instagram.

8. Binge Watch

After you've spent some time being creative and productive, wind down at the end of the day and binge watch your favorite show on Netflix or Hulu. A little TV is ok sometimes!

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