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Jake Simmons: Legend In The Making

Jake went through abuse, neglect, loss and tragedy in his childhood and

even more in his adult life. Basketball became his outlet.

“Basketball was my vice. It was the only thing that kept me sane.

It was the only environment I could control. I couldn't control my car accident;

I couldn't control my step father’s abuse. I couldn't control my mother’s

sickness. But, I could control shooting the ball. I was always told no

basketball made it possible for me to finally get a yes.”

In December of 2012 Jake got much more than a simple yes. He

went down in history for breaking the basketball scoring record set forth

by Randy Smith at SUNY Buffalo State, four decades

prior. Jake became a living legend and was more than honored.

Most know Jake for his basketball capabilities but he has defiantly proved to

be a legend in another facet of life, the art of motivational speaking. With his mission being to inspire, change,

motivate and encourage youth to think positively, he started an organization

called Motivational Movement. Through this MM campaign Jake uses his troubled past as a tool to

encourage the youth to do better, showing them that success is possible with hard work and dedication

and to let them know that they are not alone in this world.

What could be more legendary than that?

“I’ve been told several times before that I must choose between basketball and

motivational speaking” he says. Again he defies the odds. Jake created a basketball camp that allows him to teach basketball techniques to the youth as well as motivate them. The program is hosted in Rochester, NY every August and is opened to youth ages 7-18. This year will mark the five year anniversary of this remarkable venture.

“I never thought of it as, “why me?” I knew that if I stayed positive one day

I’d be saying, Today that’s exactly what he is saying as he prepares for what could be a

promising overseas draft. “NOW ME,” the phrase coined by this legend has taken on a life of its

own. “If you are in control of your own success and you are going to work hard to reach your goals in

2014 then you’re representing #Now Me” says Jake.

If you’d like to support his movement, buy a #NowMe wristband for just

$5 dollars. The

proceeds will be used to assist Jake with his basketball and motivational

speaking careers.

With your contributions you make it possible for him to continue speaking

at community centers

and high schools at no expense to the public. Your contributions and

donations also make it possible for

him to travel and try out for professional basketball teams. After purchasing

your wristband, please

upload a picture of yourself wearing it via social media using the hashtag

For more information on how to get your wristband, please email Jake at

Keep up with the movement

by following Jake on IG: @jake_inspired_motivated and Facebook:

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