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Making S.M.A.R.T Goals

It’s a new year and we are officially entering into the 2nd month of 2019. Some people have yet to set their goals for the new year while some people have set goals but the goals may be a little far fetched or not very easily obtainable. We want to help you identify some ways that you can set SMART goals that will help you reach your desired success in the year 2019.

To help you reach all of your goals, we want you to create SMART Goals. SMART meaning:

SPECIFIC - Make sure you are very clear on what the goal is. Set numbers or deadlines for obtaining your goals. Ex. Weight lose

MEASURABLE- Break your goals down into smaller chunks so everyday you can chip away at the goal.

ACHIEVABLE - Make sure that the goal is something that is actually possible. Do you have or will you have access to the resources that will help you reach your goal?

RELEVANT - Will your goals help advance the overall plan for your life? Does it make sense.

TIME SENSITIVE - Set a time limit for your goals. When you give yourself a deadline, you break the goal down and work on it day by day. It also helps you focus on the outcome.

Another good way to help you identify some SMART goals, is to separate your goals into categories. Think of some of the most important areas of your life where you want to accomplish things and base your goals off that. A few maples of good categories to chose from would be: School, Career, Relationship, Social Life, Finances, Health & Spiritual. You don't have to use those exact categories, but it is a good start.


If you need some help executing those goals, we have a few tips to keep you organized as well.

1. Write them down! (Helps with keeping them specific)

2. Create a vision board! (Seeing them everyday acts as a daily reminder)

3. Get a planner (Keeps you organized)

4. Keep a journal (There is nothing wrong with tracking your daily progress)

5. Lastly, CELEBRATE! Everytime you hit a new milestone, or you cross something off your list of goals acknowledge it. Give yourself credit for getting one step closer to being a more successful you!

Check out the first episode of the Young & Ambitious Podcast were give you more details on setting those smart goals!

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