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Excellence First [VIDEO]

A Milwaukee Excellence Charter School teacher has found a way to use hip hop as a tool to motivate and educate his students. Terrance Sims, a 6th grade teacher took the popular song "First Day Out" by Tee-Grizzley and added a positive spin to the lyrics and rapped it to his students on the first day of class. The teacher said the students fell in love with it and everyday in math class, he would ask the students for their input.

Months later, the students have gone viral and even sparked the attention of former First Lady Michelle Obama with their incredible talent and positive lyrics. In an interview with Good Morning America, the girls Erin and Savannah said they think it's important for people to hear this song because the youth today are so influenced by negativity and they wanted to see how many people could know the words to their song.

The song is promoting nothing but education and we love it. Mr. Sims has hinted on his Instagram that we may be in for more music. It's nice to have something with a positive message floating around.

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