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#NewMusic Avery Harden

How many artists are really using their music to have a message? Avery Harden is a DOPE rapper and entrepreneur out of Los Angeles, California that is using his music to inspire, uplift and tell dope stories. Boldly living his life a believer in Jesus Christ, he says “ I’m not a Christian rapper, but I’m living by the spirit”. His verses are filled with hope and a passion for bringing change to this generation.

Avery Harden released is latest project “London Fog” on iTunes at the end of May and it’s making a huge buzz with his fans. He’s recently been the opening act for major mainstream artists like Lupe Fiasco, Metro Boomin, DJ Esco and Young Thug. Check out the opening track to his project “Echoes in the Hallway” and make sure you follow Avery on all social media.


Twitter: @AveryHardenHipHop

Instagram: @AveryHardenHipHop

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