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Rashaad Holley x Funding A Dream

Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man.  Naked people have little or no influence on society.”  That is very much a true statement when talking about Rashaad Holley.  But instead of him wearing the fashions, he is the mastermind behind the fashion other people are wearing. He is the creator of 2 fashion lines, Abstract Illism and Vingt-Cinq Rashaad both with different vibes and creative styles. He is using his love and passion for fashion to bring something completely new and different to his city of Buffalo, NY.

Rashaad has a very diverse educational background. He studied business administration at Erie Community College for a year. He then transferred to the State University of New York at Buffalo where he received his Bachelor’s in Business Admin with a concentration in marketing. His bachelor’s in Apparel Design came from Buffalo State College in May of 2019.  You can clearly tell that fashion is his passion because he spent countless hours volunteering his time and talents to the youth in the city of Buffalo. He was an instructor for the summer youth program 2 years in a row where he taught fashion construction and helped foster an interest in fashion. He’s also worked as an academic mentor and an alterations specialist at a local bridal shop. While a Buffalo State College, he created collections for several of the fashion shows put on by the school's fashion department.  He took home “Best In Show” as well as other awards during those shows. 

His fashion line Vingt-Cinq Rashaad features cut and sew fashion pieces that he began creating while at Buffalo State.  The creativity of this line is unmatched and it has seen tremendous growth since the beginning. Its gon from t-shirts with letter patches, to full high fashion inspired suits and kimono-like designs. Now Abstract Illism is completely different.   This line features screen printed tees and hoodies with a streetwear vibe. 

His new passion project is the Ruth L Holley Design Studio, a place for local creatives to come and create with one another and inspire each other while working in the same space.  He credits his time working with others as some of the best times and he enjoys working with other people. When you are in the same space with like-minded people, it can help bring out the creativity in anyone. The studio is dedicated to the woman that raised Rashaad and helped him become the man that he is.  Now, the studio has not opened yet because he is in the process of raising money to open the space. Rashaad is calling on the help of the community, his supporters and the people that see the vision he has come up with to help him fund the project. On his Gofundme campaign, he says, 

“The Ruth” will serve mainly as a space for aspiring fashion designers to utilize through subscriptions and open lab hours, but it will operate as a sewing school and workshop space for beginner to novice level creatives looking to advance in the crafts associated with design and styling.

Not only will The Ruth serve as a space to create, but it will operate as a showroom for designers to show off their custom garments, alterations, and samples. A section of the space will also serve as a gallery for visual artists of all mediums, be it painters, photographers or clay workers. 

This is not the first time that Rashaad has used crowdfunding to begin a project, which is why he believes in the success it can bring him.  The goal for this project is $9000. The money will be used to secure the space and also buy the necessary equipment and materials needed for the artists to be creative and successful. If you want to support Rashaad or learn more about him and his project The Ruth L Holley Design Studio visit his website.

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