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Young & Ambitious Spotlight: Shelden Gibbs

Every week on the Young & Ambitious Podcast, we give a shout out to someone who is doing some great work in their community or in their field.  This weekly shoutout can be an entrepreneur, artist, activist or just a person that is living their life as Young & Ambitious as they can.


With everything that is going on right now with the coronavirus, this individual has used his talents and skills to provide and be of service to the public.  This week's Young & Ambitious Spotlight is Shelden Gibbs, owner and CEO of Classic Knot. 

Sheldon's company Classic Knot was born in March of 2016 after he was finding it very difficult to find vibrant and bold print bow ties in the retail stores.  He designs and handmakes  the type of bow ties that he was wishing to see in the stores and sells them on his website. 

During this unprecedented time that we are in with the virus, Shelden switched from making custom bow ties and has crafted masks for people to wear.  In some states, it is mandatory that you wear some kind of protective covering over your face when out in public.  By selling these masks, he is helping the people of his community during such hard times and that is very noble of the young entrepreneur. 

Be sure to follow Shelden and check out his website. 

Check out this week's episode of the Young & Ambitious Podcast here!

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