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5 Women-Owned Businesses You Should be Supporting

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Women's History Month began as a week-long celebration in 1987 after Congress passed proclamations to acknowledge the celebration. For the next 5 years, Congress passed additional resolutions to mark March as a month-long celebration for women. As for women-owned businesses, they account for 40% of all US businesses and generate $1.8 trillion a year. In recent years, entrepreneurship has become one of the leading career paths for young people. With the rapid growth of social media and the "influencer" lifestyle, many young people have realized that they can be successful in a non-traditional way and create their own opportunities. Since it is Women's History Month, we want to spotlight 5 businesses that are run by women making a difference in the world.

Femi Secrets

Femi Secrets was started in 2012, when founder Davielle Jackson, was on a mission to help a friend who was experiencing heavy menstrual flow and leaking due to PCOS. With a degree in biology and on the pre-med track, Davielle created "The Pretty Panty", a panty and pad all in one for women to use during their monthly cycle. Davielle also teaches about the health of women's bodies. Femi Secrets products are FDA-approved and chemical free which results in healthier cycles as well. Along with the Pretty Panty, other products include feminine wipes, panty liners, pads, and more.

Resilient Grace

There was a time when teens wore tees that featured the faces of women like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. This was trendy and in style. Very rarely would you see a shirt with a Black figure on them. At a young age Kyra Brown made this observation and over a decade later decided to create a clothing line that displayed some powerful women of color. Resilient Grace is a clothing line designed to celebrate and highlight Black women who have impacted history, yet their stories have been left out of the history books. "At Resilient Grace we believe in clothes that inspire you to go after your wildest dreams and fight for change. As you shop our collections, our hope is that these stories remind you of your own resilience and strength."


BlackLit was birthed in 2019 by Nia Tayler-Clark, a 10th-grade teacher and diversity and inclusion advocate who had a love for reading and seeing characters that looked like her and her son who she'd read to. BlackLit began as a monthly subscription box that included a book by a Black author, a t-shirt, and a few products created by Black entrepreneurs. The goal of the business was to support these authors and businesses while helping to close the literacy gap among Black people. BlackLit has since expanded and become the first and only Black-owned bookstore in Farmers Branch, Texas.

The Content House of Brooklyn

We all know that content creating and influencing is on the rise and there seems to be no end in sight for the trend with the endless amount of opportunities that it brings. With creators needing spaces to create, collaborate and even teams to help them build & grow their brands, Sharik Atkinson found a void and created a solution. The Content House of Brooklyn is a rentable studio space for creators to use to create their content. There is also a team of 6 women who work as content creators, instructors, and consultants to help you market yourself and your business. If you are in search of people to collaborate with, they have a database of over 3000 creators that you can potentially work with. One top of all of this, they house networking events and seminars that help creators and influencers grow in their work.


What started as a passion project has grown to be one of the biggest platforms for music and culture in Buffalo, NY. Schondra Aytch is a writer based in Buffalo with a passion for the culture of the city. S a freelance writer she has worked with some of the biggest publications in the city to highlight music artists and creatives but as the head of Sneakvibin she has curated some of the dopest music events to highlight the often overlooked music scene in Buffalo. Sneakvibin puts out some of the hottest interviews with local and national recording artists, dope playlists that feature these artists, hosts events to see these artists perform live and now you can check out the Sneakvibin podcast for in-depth interviews with these dope artists. If you are a music artist or you're looking to hear dope new music, you should be tapped into Sneakvibin.

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