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KeKe Palmer Launches New Digital Network

Updated: May 4, 2023

It’s been quite a few years since Keke Palmer, was given the name Keke “Keep A Job” Palmer by the social media world and now she is giving out the jobs. The multifacet celebrity has had her hand in everything from acting, singing, producing, writing, and even hosting her own television show. Even though she has not yet turned 30, the young talent has had a career in the entertainment industry for 20 years. She has added so many titles to her name but this newest venture might be her most creative and challenging role yet. Keke is now the creator of her own digital network called KeyTV which launched on November 3rd.

Palmer is not the first to create such a platform, but she is the newest celebrity to launch a network aimed at helping new creatives reach the spotlight for their talents. The network’s mission is to provide an avenue for more diverse creators to be highlighted on and off the screen. In a network teaser that dropped last month, the visuals elude that we will be introduced to not only acting talent but writers, producers, and more behind-the-scenes roles. Check out this mini teaser here:

The network launched early this month and has amassed over 750 thousand followers on Youtube. So far, we’ve gotten a glimpse of 3 different shows that will be featured: Heaux & Tell, Make It Make Sense and The Edible Always Wins. Each show has a different day set for new episodes to drop and different casts. The first is Heaux & Tell, a scripted short series written by Nakia Stephens and executive produced by Keke Palmer. The show centers around 3 friends navigating life while dealing with real-life experiences surrounding sex, sexuality, and sisterhood. Make It Make Sense is an unscripted roundtable-type talk show where the hosts chat about current events, pop culture, memes and so much more. And lastly, there is The Edible Always Wins which is about, you guessed it…edibles. The isn’t much information about the network and any upcoming shows or events on the website but you can be sure to follow all of their social media accounts for the latest information and notifications when new episodes drop. For now, check out the first episode of Heaux & Tell here:

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