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SPERGO - The Brand Sweeping The Nation

Trey Brown of Philadelphia, PA turned a bad situation that he watched play out on the news into a powerful brand built to encourage young children and teens and show them that there are other options. In 2018, Trey created his clothing line SPERGO after hearing on the news that a 13 year old kid in his city was killed by another kid only a year older than him. How sad is that? That 14 year old kid could possibly be spending the rest of his life in jail and he ruined his life before it even started. Young Trey saw that and realized that the kids in his community needed a positive role model and somebody who would steer them down a path of success and influence them to make the right decisions. He decided to be that person.

Trey, the oldest of 3 decided to create a clothing line. SPERGO is a luxury clothing brand that he launched on January 15th 2018, which happened to be the birthday of one of American history’s most famed change agents, Martin Luther King Jr. The name SPERGO is a combination of the words “sports” and “heroes” plus the word GO. Trey said when you wear SPERGO, he wants you to remember that you are a go getter and that you are on “go mode” striving for all your dreams and goals. He said the recipe for his brand is “A sprinkle of determination mixed with a natural love for fashion.” The brand offers a variety of pieces: sweatsuits, hoodies, socks, tees, scarves and even bodysuits. You can get something from SPERGO for the whole family because they offer sizes for both kids and adults.

In a video interview he did with “In The Know”, Trey said "I want to show the youth that you can live that luxurious lifestyle that you see on TV and social media without the drugs and violence. You can build something great using your mind." When he was building his brand, he would hop on his Instagram and record these videos and do lives where he was giving out tons of inspiration. He would recite mantras and quotes or just speak from the heart inspiring anyone watching to go after their dreams and find their success. He would constantly preach the message of working hard, staying positive and keeping your heart in the right place and he lived exactly what he preached. Trey worked hard to build SPERGO into the brand that it is today, a 6- figure brand with his own storefront location. He started his clothing line with $178 that he received for his birthday. He took that money and bought his first 16 shirts and he sold out within the week. But he didn't stop there! He took the profits and doubled the order the next time getting 32 shirts and he sold out again and he doubled that AGAIN. He started visiting the local barber shops in Philly pitching his brand to the barbers and their clients. Every Saturday he would walk to the barbershops and nervously introduce himself and his brand and he would not go home until he met the goal for how many shirts he wanted to sell that day. He talked about how the barbers were very patient and encouraging during this process and they definitely helped boost his confidence when it came to public speaking. Eventually, he visited all the shops in Philly so he started to venture out to other locations on the outskirts of his city. He was building a serious name for himself and people across the Philadelphia area started to recognize him and his brand. At that point he realized that he needed a more organized way to get his product out. He was running out of shirts while walking through the city, so he expanded to the online market and created a website where he could keep track of his inventory and get orders shipped out of state.

Trey’s hustle proved to be a key to his success, between promoting his clothing on Instagram daily and expanding the types of products he was offering, he began shipping out packages everyday. From different states to different countries, the SPERGO brand was reaching thousands of people and growing rapidly. He liked seeing the success of what he created and wanted to make sure that he was a part of every aspect. After a year in business, his operation had grown so much that he ended up quitting school and forcing his mom into an early retirement from her job as a school teacher. That’s right! This teenage entrepreneur has found so much success that he now employs his mom and no he didn’t completely dropout of school. He spends his days in a homeschool program, that way he can continue to further his education but also spend more time expanding his brand. He keeps a tight schedule that includes working out, school and handling his business. He does find time to hang out with his friends and work on his music career. Whats even cooler is that Trey not only employs his mother, but a lot of his friends work with him in his business and they take a lot of inspiration from his hustle and hard work.

Since the creation of the brand, SPERGO has been growing and booming. You can buy your SPERGO gear at their retail store in Philadelphia and they are always on the go doing popup shops in different cities. Most recently, they inked a partnership with the Philadelphia 76ers NBA team where the SPERGO logo was on the court during one of the teams games in March. Trey’s dedication to his brand and growth continues to shine through. You may even catch several celebrities rocking his brand like rapper Lil Durk, Da Baby and one of his mentors Diddy. Take a page out of Trey’s book and bet on yourself. Strive for success and push towards your goals.

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