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#MusicSpotlight Ronnie "Bizzle" Benning

It’s time to introduce you to yet another #YoungAndAmbitious musician.This time it’s Ronald Benning, a 23 year old drummer and student at Berklee College of Music from Buffalo, NY. We asked him some questions about his life as a musician to get a better idea of what keeps him going.

Name your musical inspirations!

My inspiration to drum is D. Mott Motley and Daniel Powell of Buffalo, NY. I grew up watching these guys play drums and it inspired me to play!

What’s your ultimate goal as a drummer?

The ultimate goal for me as a musician is to reach people through the music that I play and produce.

What is the biggest lesson music has

taught you?

Music is a universal language and music can bring you through situations that your parents can't get you through. Sometimes if you can't reach a person by talking to them, your music can.

What are your thoughts on the music

scene in your town?

The music scene in Buffalo is very minute. There are tons of great musicians but not enough exposure, that’s why musicians that "made it" moved out of town. I think the music scene could be a whole lot better but a lot of work needs to be put in. Shoot if you ask someone from out of town have they ever been to Buffalo I'm sure they won't even know it's a city. If all the local artists came together rather than compete against one another, the music scene would be a lot better. I do music because I feel like GOD has called me to do it and I enjoy it.

Facebook: Ronnie Benning


Twitter: Bizzle_Dcmg

YouTube: Ronald Benning

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