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#MusicSpotlight C- West

C-West is rising singer that is ready to take the world by storm. With his guitar and awesome lyrics, this faith based singer is ready to bring God to a mainstream platform and show young people that is cool to be a believer of God in this world.

Y&A: How long have you been pursuing music?

CW: I've been pursuing music since the age of 12.

Y&A: How exciting is it to be releasing your first album?

CW: It's an absolute dream come true! I'm excited to share my heart through my songs with the world.

Y&A: Talk about the album release party

. CW: The album release party was held in my hometown Buffalo NY at Sword Of The Spirit Ministries! Not only was it entertaining but an experience with God that I know will changed lives.

Y&A: Give some details about the album. Talk about the writing and recording process.

CW: The process of this album has been a journey within itself. Most of the songs I wrote when I was 15 and 16 years young. These songs were birthed out of a place of pain and freedom.

Y&A: What are your hopes for the album?

CW: My biggest hope for this project is that at the end of the day I can encourage people to make a decision to give their life to Christ! I want everyone to experience the healing of the heart that I've experienced and more.

Y&A: What do you think people will receive from it? What do you want them to learn from you?

CW: I believe that people will receive transparency from this album. I want people to learn that there's nothing we could possibly do to hide from God. And I encourage everyone to seek him and never go back to the cage that the enemy has put them in.

Y&A: Plans for a tour, music videos, future performances etc.Any music inspirations that you looked to while working on this album?

CW: I will be touring hopefully early 2018, we'll see! I'd like to give a huge thanks to Tori Kelly, Michael Jackson and Prince for being Huge musical inspirations in my life and this album.

Check out C-West's last video Focus:

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