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5 Lessons To Carry Into 2023

1. Create The Opportunity

A lot of times we wait for the perfect opportunity to come about. When it comes to finding jobs and chasing dreams we pass up on opportunities because its not exactly what we want. The benefits may not be right, the hours or pay isn't exactly what we hoped for, or it just doesn't fit the idea that you had in your head. Instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity, create your own opportunity. Write down all the things that you feel make the best opportunity for you and create your own! Don't take no for an answer, stand firm on your desires and work with people that can help you achieve exactly what you are looking for. And this isn't just advice for the entrepreneur or the career person, this goes for anybody who is looking to do something new.

2. Take Care Of Your Mind & Body

Too many times, a lot of us will work so hard that we forget to take care of ourselves and we end up experiencing burnout. This year, make sure to prioritize your physical and mental health. Get adequate amount of rest daily, schedule and attend all of your routine doctor visits, eat healthy and get active. For your mental health, protect your peace, set boundaries, get a therapist, and rest your mind. Find ways to treat yourself, like massages, spa trips, social media breaks or a night of relaxation. You'll be amazed at how well you will feel when your prioritize self care!

3. You Can Always Start Over

Don't feel like you are stuck in a situation, especially if it's something that you don't like. If you have the ability and the opportunity to start over, do it! If you want to find a new job, start a new businesses, get a fresh start.... YOU CAN! You are not stuck, and you can start over. It maybe hard and you may lose some things along the way, but it is possible to start over!

4. Consistency Over Perfection

This is a huge one! Sometimes we will talk ourselves out of doing something because we feel like its not perfect. That video isn't perfect, my homework isn't perfect, my business plan isn't perfect. Perfection is the enemy of progress! More times than not, nothing will be perfect! Instead aim to be consistent. Your consistency will reward you more than your perfection but your consistency can also lead you to perfection. Like the old saying goes, "Practice makes perfect".

5. Go Easy On Yourself

This is self explanatory! Go easy on yourself! Give yourself the same grace that you extend to others. It's okay to make mistakes, just make sure you own up to them and learn from them. Hold yourself accountable but don't hold yourself to an unacheivable standard! We are all just figuring out life, go easy on yourself and have a great 2023!

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